J5 Tactical Pen

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Initial Offer:
J5 Tactical Pen
Price: 19.95
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J5 Tactical Flashlights
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J5 Hyper V 400 Lumen
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XSolar Smart Device
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J5 Tactical Pen

It all started with our world famous flashlights and the innovation and design that allowed us to turn a personal illumination device into a Tactical machine and have over a million satisfied customers. We have taken that same innovation and design and transferred it into something we all use everyday, a pen, a pen that can now fend off and protect all those that wield it.

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Product Description

The J5 Tactical Defense pen is made from the same airplane grade aluminum as our famous tactical flashlights. The non slip Tactical grade gripping surface will give you that solid hold to take command in any emergency or attack situation. The reverse tips design and engineering allows an angled punch out of any automobile window with a single blow allowing a quick and efficient escape or a heavy blow against an assailant.

  • Blank ink writes smoothly in nearly all weather conditions
  • Easy twist mechanism allows for quick use of the pen
  • Rugged brushed finish for a polished, durable look
  • No break pocket clip keeps the pen secured to you at all times
  • Powerful glass breaker tip, ultra strong to shatter any glass
  • DNA Collector and absorber
  • Super high-grade aluminum alloy casing, solid and durable


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